Mixed Berry Crumble

A combination of fresh seasonal berries,  topped with brown sugar crumble [add_to_cart item=”Mixed Berry Crumble” quantity=”user:1″ ]

Strawberry Rhubarb

Flaky crust filled with fresh strawberries and rhubarb [add_to_cart item=”Strawberry Rhubarb” quantity=”user:1″ ]

Salted Caramel Apple

Warm spiced apples, topped with cinnamon crumb, salted caramel & Maldon sea salt [add_to_cart item=”caramel apple” ]  

Maple Bourbon Pecan

Toasted Pecans, with brown sugar, Bourbon and Vermont maple syrup [add_to_cart item=”pecan” ]

Coconut Cream

Toasted Coconut Custard, topped with fresh whipped cream and shaved toasted coconut [add_to_cart item=”coco-cream” ]

Key Lime

Buttery graham cracker crust, filled with fresh key lime custard, topped with freshly whipped cream and lime zest. [add_to_cart item=”Key Lime” quantity=”user:1″ ]

Banana Nutella

Flaky crust lined with chocolate hazelnut spread, filled with classic vanilla bean custard, layered with fresh sliced Bananas, and topped with fresh whipped cream [add_to_cart item=”banana nutella” ]  

Sweet Potato

Fresh ginger cookie crust, filled with fresh sweet potato custard, topped with toasted homemade marshmallow [add_to_cart item=”sweet potato” ]

Chocolate Cream

Rich chocolate custard, topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings [add_to_cart item=”chocolate cream” ]


Graham cracker crust, filled with chocolate custard, topped with toasted homemade marshmallow [add_to_cart item=”smores”]


Flaky crust, filled with classic pumpkin custard [add_to_cart item=”pumpkin” ]

Lemon Meringue

Tart lemon curd, topped with fresh meringue [add_to_cart item=”lemon” ]

Classic Apple

A combination of three apples, spices, and dark brown sugar (Vegan option available. Please email for details)   [add_to_cart item=”apple” ]